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HotZippy LLC is an Internet advertising corporation specializing in the affordable advertisement and promotion of eBooks written by independent authors as well as national bestsellers.

HotZippy is the home of several high-profile promotional book sites featuring multi-genre and genre-specific categories so advertisers can target the communities of readers that best suit their book and budget.

HotZippy offers several promotional plans for books that are on a limited-time sale or those in between sales and are at regular price. Run your promotion for as short as 2 days or as long as 30. HotZippy's Author Portal is the easiest, most complete way to promote your book, whether you are new to eBook marketing or an experienced professional.

Our Brands

Promotion Plans

Sale Promotion

For authors and publishers looking to promote a book that is currently on sale for a limited time.

Available in 2-Day, 3-Day and 5-Day packages.
Sale price of book must remain in effect for the duration of the promotion.
Promotion costs start from $23.

Standard Promotion

For authors and publishers looking to promote a book that is regularly priced.

Available in 2-Day, 3-Day, 5-Day and 7-Day packages.
Book price must remain the same for the duration of the promotion.
Promotion costs start from $24.

Campaign Promotion

For authors and publishers looking for deeper market penetration. Book may be on sale or regularly priced.

Available in a 30-Day package.
Book price may change during promotion, however price may not exceed the maximum book price limit on whichever site the promotion is running and may not exceed $9.99 on any site.
Promotion costs start from $337 (save 10% off suggested retail price!)
Promotion may be auto-renewed.

Our Services

Customer Support

We've got you covered! Use our Knowledge Base or send us a Support Ticket. Our staff is always ready to help!

3 Promo Types

You'll find a promotion type and length that will fit your needs and budget. Whether your eBook is on a limited sale or regularly priced, HotZippy has a plan for you.

Quality Assurance

HotZippy doesn't use automation software to create and post your promotion. All posts are hand-crafted and checked for errors. Accidents may happen but if we make a mistake ... we'll make it right. Guaranteed!

4 Promo Sites

Promote with multi-genre eBook sites or target a fan base with one of our genre-specific sites.

Fast, Easy and Professional

Unlike other promotional sites we get you on your way quickly. Fill out our intelligent form, make your payment via PayPal and you're done. No waiting around to be approved or invoiced. WE'LL contact YOU if there is a problem with your promotion.

New Author & New Release Friendly

Are you a new author? Does your latest eBook lack reviews or star ratings? No problem. HotZippy approves your promotion by the quality of your book, not by how long you've been around or by how popular your titles are.

No "Cooldowns"

Some promotional sites make you wait 6 months or longer before promoting your title again. With HotZippy you can promote as often as you like up to 30 days at a time; you can even set your promotion on auto-renewal! No stale listings that drop out of sight over time, your promotion is checked and added each day it runs with us. You can set it and forget it ... we won't.

No Excessive Pricing

We created HotZippy for the sole purpose of providing affordable budget-friendly promotional alternatives. We keep our productivity efficient and our overhead as low as possible while still maintaining the quality our authors have come to appreciate over the past 5 years.