February 21, 2014

HotZippy Acquires “Romance eBook Deals”

In a private sale concluded February 19, 2014, HotZippy purchased ‘Romance eBook Deals,’ a mail list Website aimed toward romance readers. The sale contains the ‘Romance eBook Deals’ Website with complete mailing list, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Account, Pinterest Account and all contact lists for authors and readers.

HotZippy Press Release

The move is strategically placed to further HotZippy’s eBook marketing reach more deeply into the email-direct region of the industry and will comprise of a new email product line to follow, based around the ‘eBook Deals’ and ‘Book Deals’ websites, with ‘Romance eBook Deals’ headlining as the flagship product.

At the time of this release, HotZippy has suspended the current advertising format but has plans to integrate sales of book placement within the coming weeks. The first advertisers to be allowed through this new opportunity are likely to be authors and publishers already familiar with and regular customers of HotZippy’s longstanding sites, ‘Bargain eBook Hunter’ and ‘Pixelscroll.’

HotZippy co-owner, Stefan Bourque, has stated that this is unlikely to be the only acquisition this year by the company. “We’ve just settled on a deal to purchase two more sites, though these are centered more around technology similar to sites such as eReader IQ, where users can filter through hundreds or even thousands of free and bargain titles,” said Bourque who declined to mention the name of the acquisition-in-progress but noted that 2014 would see a major expansion of his eBook promotion sites. “And not just eBook promotions, but other avenues of support for independent authors. We’re always looking at new technology and new ideas. The real trick is getting the two in sync with one another, but we get there eventually and everything we do is new author and new release friendly. That’s been HotZippy’s secret to success for the past three years. We’re not snobs and we believe all quality books deserve a fair chance at a fair price.”

February 20, 2014

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