November 23, 2014

HotZippy Launches “13 Horror Street”

"Where Halloween Never Ends." That's the slogan of HotZippy LLC's latest eBook promotion website. The company's second foray into the genre-specific realm (HotZippy launched "Romance eBook Deals," a romance-specific promotion website and mailing list was launched earlier this year) displays a proven desire to move from larger, multi-genre sites and into more specific fan bases.

HotZippy Press Release

"13 Horror Street is a special site for us," says CEO and co-founder of HotZippy LLC, Stefan Bourque. "Not only is it based on one of my favorite genres, it opens opportunities for real social community building." HotZippy recently purchased the domain name, which Bourque and his team are hoping to parlay into the "Facebook for horror."

Bourque has special orders for his editorial staff when it comes to which products, specifically eBooks, are to be allowed the opportunity for promotion on the site. "13 Horror Street is an old-school horror site. We want to keep the reigns tight on this one. No paranormal romance or erotica will be allowed promotions," says the 46 year old Chief Executive Officer and previously published horror novelist. As the promotional information gathered from the company's Author Portal on 13 Horror Street is more 'Salem's Lot than Twilight.

True to the notion of old-school horror, the site launched with a special giveaway; a signed, numbered, limited-edition of Clive Barker's Books of Blood Volumes I, II and III, in a special hardcover set and slipcase. "We wanted to let everyone on both sides of the business, the readers and the authors looking to promote their books just what type of website experience this was going to be." While Bourque is keeping a close eye on the growth and nature of the site he says he also needs to be careful. "I pretty much want to buy everything I see on the site." With the "Scream of the Day" offerings that can get pretty pricey, unless of course you're in the market for a $1,500 life-size sculpture of the furry monster from An American Werewolf in London.

November 23, 2014

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