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Romance eBook Deals was established as a “list” site by its creator and when it was purchased by HotZippy LLC at the end of 2013, it was decided that, for the time being, the core design of the site should remain as is. A “list” site is a website that is designed to gather the email addresses of interested parties for an electronic newsletter by which consumers can be made aware of any promotional offerings. We also utilize various social media networks as an additional means of promotional distribution.

A “list” site, on its surface. is generally (and purposefully) a less sophisticated web design than the average promotional blog or storefront as its foundation is the call-to-action of subscription to the service rather than displaying its content outright. While HotZippy has maintained the original design of this site, an upcoming 2016 redesign will alter this somewhat. The spirit of the call-to-action will still be the founding principal of the homepage, but visitors will be able to view a newly created and robust promotional site behind the subscription homepage. Although our primary goal will always be the growth of the subscription list, we believe this secondary site will offer a deeper and more resilient return on our authors’ promotions.

Romance eBook Deals was our first foray into the list-specific side of promotional marketing and the first of many more that we plan to release. This is a specialized genre “list” site (romance) and has shown a steady benefit for the majority of authors that have chosen to utilize its promotional services. More than 70% of Romance eBook Deals’ monthly orders come from repeat customers. This site promotes eBooks priced $4.99 or less for independent authors and $15.99 or less for New York Times or USA Today (brand name) bestselling authors.

About Romance eBook Deals

Welcome to Romance eBook Deals, a site dedicated to delivering the best deal-priced romance eBooks directly to your inbox!

Everyday Romance eBook Deals delivers discounted or specially priced romance eBooks (FREE to $4.99) as well as a hand-picked Special Delivery product which can be anything from a newly released romance eBook to a romantically-themed product such as albums, perfume and even jewelry.

If you should happen to see an item you’re interested in purchasing, please don’t delay. Many of our offers expire within 24 hours of the day they are presented.

You can follow us by subscribing to our daily email newsletter or by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (No Longer Maintained) and Pinterest. If you need to reach us, you may use the Romance eBook Deals Contact Form.

Please enjoy the free service we offer, secure in the knowledge that your privacy and peace of mind is as important to us as it is to you. Romance eBook Deals never shares your email address or other personal information with any 3rd party except for those service providers necessary for the daily functions of our service (ie; MailChimp, our email newsletter distributor.) Please read our Privacy Policy to see how we protect you.

Romance eBook Deals is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking promoted products to Amazon.com.

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  • Acquired December 2013
  • Promotes Romance ONLY
  • Provides A Rich List Of Romance Sub-genres To Choose From

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